Self love is the greatest medicine!

Thanks for visiting my website!

Let’s kick off by introducing myself as your friendly neighborhood designer waiting to save the day from Mr. Clutter and Dr. Ugly Site.

I shamely recon it has taken too long to get an updated version of this website, but finally here it is… Tah-daaah, version 2023 is alive!

During the next few weeks this site will evolve like a cheetah on speed with updated projects and other insane stuff to show your momma!

We highly recommend that you check it out on a regular basis!

My name is Mario Eckert and I am a Freelance Designer, Art Director & eBook Designer at Crius Group.

At night I drink coffee, make things look pretty and try not to be recognized as a Typographic superhero.

At day I drink chocolate milkshake, watch Mac Gyver and dream of endless fame and glory.